Valve Assessment Management

The Stakes Are High

If a tank car valve fails, there can be a serious risk of environmental damage, financial losses, or worse, the impact on the worker’s safety and the general population. One failure can have serious consequences. Today a single valve failure or leak can quickly turn into a global news story and damage a company’s reputation beyond repair. Even for shops that have operated for years without incident.

If tank car valves are to be properly maintained to avoid failure, the question is this: How does one determine when and how often valves need to be serviced? Manual processes do not provide shippers and car owners the adequate data and adequate access to the data. It is common for repair shops to lack immediate access or not have any record of the valve asset or the past service work performed.

Valve Management System

Marsh Rail Car Services has created a Valve Asset Management Solution. VAMS will contribute to a predictive approach to valve maintenance and service intervals.

The VAMS solution will capture data that includes: 


  • Valve asset data including pre-test and multiple final test results.
  • Historical Data for valve asset
  • The current condition of valve asset and its components
  • Real-time diagnostics, process tracking, and report generation
  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) assessing the probability of valve asset failure

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