What We Do

Marsh Rail Car has grown and played a major role in the improvement of valve repair quality, safety, and value. We are considered experts in valve repair. Each valve undergoes a rigorous inspection process by high-skilled technicians who maintain strict quality control measures.

We recondition and test all valves to our own written procedures based on our extensive experience, manufacturer’s guidelines where available, and customer specific requirements. We qualify our valves to AAR M-1002 requirements and to all regulatory requirements. We are an AAR class C5 certified facility.

We recondition and test the following types of valves:


Pressure Relief Valves


Combination Devices


Angle Valves - Plug Type


Angle Valves - Ball Type


Flange Valves - Ball Type


Bottom Outlet Valves- Plug Type


Bottom Outlet Valves - Ball Type


Vacuum Relive Valves

Valve Asset Management System

The VAMS solution will capture data that include valve asset data including pre-test and multiple final test results, historical data for valve assets, and more.

One Size… Doesn’t Fit All!

All brands of valves are brought to meet or exceed OEM quality. We are committed, more than ever to offer service programs that save money, time and headaches. Unlike our competition Marsh Rail Services, Inc. realizes that no one valve repair program fits all.

Standard Service Program

  • Valve Breakdown
  • Clean
  • Inspect
  • Soft Material Replacement
  • Hard Component Replacement
  • Rebuild
  • Final Testing
  • Data Collection via VAMS
  • 1-Year Warranty

Customize Premium Service

  • Standard Service + Pre-Testing
  • Trelleborg Seal Soft Good Kit
  • Hard Part Replacement
  • Flat Rate Material Charge
  • Component Traceability
  • Centralized Inventory
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Financial Analysis of Services
  • Free Shipping available
  • Data Collection via VAMS
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed Turnaround

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