The Stakes Are High...

Marsh Rail Car has created a Valve Asset Management Solution. VAMS will contribute to a predictive approach to valve maintenance and service intervals.

The Art of Valve Repair

All tested and certified valves are “not created equal”. With up to 68 points of inspection and testing, Marsh exceeds industry standards for that of even new valves.

Experience That Really Counts, When You Need It!

Marsh’s future success is dependent upon the ability to match our service offerings with our customer’s maintenance regime objectives.

One Size... Doesn't Fit All!

All brands of valves are brought to meet or exceed OEM quality. Marsh is committed more than ever to offer service programs that save money, time and headaches.

Element of Objectivity

Marsh Rail Car Services can bring
repair knowledge about virtually all major brands of valves. Comparing valve designs, quality, repairability, etc. comes as a
natural residual and is easy for us to communicate.

Costs Captured in a Single Charge

Evaluate all your Direct, Indirect, and Intangible considerations as they currently apply to your company’s valve rebuild process.